Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Sin Bin Monday 1/30/06

Monday, The Grinder and The Playmaker were joined by special guest Dave Anderson. Tune in to hear about the Blues' trades, the Flyers' new captain, and how two stud goalies took different approaches towards new contracts. Don't forget about the Infirmary and the Power Play. Again, sorry for the ending being cut off. Ray picked the Blackhawks and Dave picked the Blues. The final two games were Atlanta at Florida and New York Rangers at Philadelphia. Ray picked the Panthers and Rangers, I picked the Thrashers and Flyers, and Dave picked the Thrashers and Rangers.

The Philly Follow-Up Monday 1/30/06

Tonight on the Philly Follow-Up, host Genny Shinn was joined by a special guest host, me. Tune in to hear about the Flyers' new captain, the Sixers impressive streak, the Phillies recent trade, the newly selected Eagles to the Pro Bowl and don't forget about the Bum and Star of the week.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Icers vs. Michigan-Dearborn 1/28/06

On Saturday, Penn State looked to extend their win streak to 17-games against the 8th ranked Michigan-Dearborn Wolves. The Icers defeated the Wolves 10-5 on Friday night's contest and UMD looks to rebound. Will the Icers' continue their impressive play or will the Wolves find the crack in the Icers' armor? Ray Schmitt and I had the call, tune in to find out the results.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Icers vs. Michigan-Dearborn 1/27/06

On Friday night Penn State looked to extend their win streak to 16 games against the 8th ranked Michigan-Dearborn Wolves. The Icers beat the Wolves 9-0 back in November and UMD is hungry for some payback. Can the Icer's offense continue to dominate or will the Wolves pull off the upset? Ray Schmitt and myself have the call so tune in to find out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Sin Bin Wednesday 1/25/06

Here's Ray and I in studio with our special guest, coach Joe Battista. Tune in to hear us ask him about the upcomming weekend series against Michigan-Dearborn and about his 500th career victory. Also, listen as we discuss Mario Lemieux's retirement and Bryan Berard's positive steroid test. Plus there's the power play.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Under The Bleachers Tuesday 1/24/06

Here's me on Under The Bleachers with Zach Weinberg and Chris Mueller. Listen as we discuss the retirement of Mario Lemieux, the Ron Artest-Kings trade problem, Michael Robinson's position in the NFL, and Superbowl XL. This was a very entertaining show and you will definitely laugh.

The Logo is up!

Here's the logo for my podcast. Comment and let me know if you like it.

The Sin Bin Monday 1/23/06

Here's Ray and I again, this time in studio for the Sin Bin on Monday, January 23, 2006. Listen to hear about the recent injuries and important NHL news, also talk about the Penn State Icers successful past weekends. Not to mention the Power Play segment, but in advance, I appologize for my pick not being aired as it was cut off, but I picked Colorado.

Penn State Icers vs. Illinois Fighting Illini 1/13/06

Here's me doing color with my Sin Bin partner Ray Schmitt for then #4 Penn State Icers vs. #1 Illinois Fighting Illini. This is a rematch of the 2004 ACHA Division 1 National Championship.

My own page

Hey everyone, I will still be posting all of my Sin Bin and Icers hockey games on www.thesinbinpodcast.blogspot.com but now I will also be posting those along with anything else I do for ComRadio on here. I will soon post a Logo and hopefully both the Icers v. Illini and the 1/23/06 Sin Bin.